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Single stage presses are not high tech, nor are they a piece of complicated machinery. They all basically work the same way(exception might be the RCBS Summit Single Stage) and all major manufacturers make good ones. The difference between them is basically quality of construction, warranty and customer service. This is basically what determines the difference in cost. Regardless of what some want to claim, this is true no matter what color paint the system wears. Break a few decapping pins and the difference between them being replaced and shipped to you for free as compared to $8 or more a pop and that difference of $30 of initial cost is moot. Having your heirs able to call customer service and have them shipped for free 10 years after your death is priceless. Resale value, why many of us never consider it, is something one needs to consider, along with the idea of being proud to pass it on to our heirs, along with the guns it helps to feed. I go to quite a few estate auctions that feature guns and gun related items. I've watched family members trying to outbid each other as well as folks like me trying to get a good deal. Very seldom happens on low end/cheap guns and reloading equipment. Instead of recommending my color of press as others generally do, I recommend doing your research and determining what YOU want and need.
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