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I grew out of emotional attachment to inanimate objects many years ago, including brands.

After 20 years of using my old Lyman Spar-T press I bought into the green hype in '87 when I finally got a 'magic' Rock Chucker; there's no magic. It's still in perfect condition - but why not, it's made of iron and steel and the few moving parts move quite slowly, same as others of its type. One is Lee's Classic Cast: it's very well machined, it has much better user features and it drops spent primers into a tube rather than all over the floor. If Lee had made the CC when I bought the RC my main press would be red, it's a better press.

I have some 50 sets of dies of all current brands but Dillon in more than 30 calibers. Individual dies vary as much within the same brand as between brands; I find no average difference in the quality of ammo I can make with any brand of dies except the competition rifle dies by Forster and Redding. And they aren't massively better than standard dies.

I won't tell anyone what "works for me" as a recommendation. Point of fact, in 47 years of reloading, I've never found any reloading tool that doesn't work for me - if it's use correctly - and nothing works very well if it's used incorrectly.
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