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Congratulations on your new pistol. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about the PF9.
Get ready to hear it!

I hate this POS. Had mine for about two years. Shot it a few times at the range before I got tired of the trigger biting my finger.

A few months later, I heard about the Northwoods Aluminum trigger. I thought that could solve all my problems, so I sunk $50 into it. When it finally came, I looked at their step by step instructions for install. Fairly straight forward with the right tools (which luckily I had thanks to my 1911 tinkering). It was then that I realize just how poor the quality was. That is some very cheap plastic. Of the 4 plastic pins that hold the whole frame together, 2 broke under the pressure of my thumb! Not a mallet. Not a punch. My thumb! Had to wait for KelTec to send me some replacements (luckily they are cheap). Finally got those, and 1 of the 4 they sent me broke. Luckily with the 2 I still had and 2 of the new ones, I had a complete pistol again. Let me tell you tho, I was not in a hurry to shoot it again. Seeing the quality of the parts did not inspire much confidence that the whole thing wouldn't blow up in my face.

I finally did get it back to the range. The trigger improved the comfortability greatly, but I just don't have any confidence in the quality.
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