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Finally did it...

Well, after about 2 years of wanting one but always putting money towards other things, I finally picked up a Keltec PF9. I kind of did it on a whim, and have yet to shoot it but it was one of the first times I bought a gun and didn't think "did I really need to buy this?" I was debating between this and a LCP for a carry gun, but with the price of the LCP being $50 more, and the PF9 having the advantage of 9mm, I went with the Keltec. I'm not a huge guy, but not very small either so the size difference wasn't a big deal. The one reason I was very pleased was because of the customer service of the LGS I got it from. The guy behind the counter knowing the price difference still reccomended this to me and stated that in his opinion this was the better buy. At some places I've been too, they tell you 'how it is.' Not the case here. I walked out with the gun, a IWB holster, and a box of ammo for $350. Thats gun itself was about $40 more then say Buds, but after transfer fees and all that fun stuff it would of been close. All in all, I've got a big old smile on my face today.. I'll try to get some range time in this weekend and let ya know how it goes!

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