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And by the way - I'll tell you another little story . . .

As mentioned, Bannermans bought and sold military surplus for years - their headquarters being on "Bannerman's Island". I have a friend who lives in New York who also collects guns. He paid a visit to Bannerman's Island a number of years ago long after Bannermans was gone. He was able to do a little sxploring and he told me about the large cement piers on the island whee the boats would land and dock. Scrounging around, he "borrowed" some souvenirs. The cement of the piers was crumbling with age and he was amazed to find that they had used 45/70 barrels for reinforcing rod when they poured the cement of the piers. He gave me one and I still have it - a might bit rusted but it is the complete barrel with the sight and the action. You have to remember that all of this stuff back then was "surplus" and they purchased it in large quantities for literally pennies on the dollar. I have to admit that before he gave me that barrel, I had never heard of gun barrels being used for reinforcing rod!
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