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I would think so. Usually C&B revolvers are shot not too long after being loaded. Not much time for contamination. When I carry any C&B revolver in the back country where it may remain loaded for several days, I load 1)powder 2) un-lubed ball 3) Some type of grease / lube over the ball, or no lube at all depending on weather etc.

On the other hand, I have 45-70 BP cases that were loaded last year ( during a marathon of reloading ) that shoot as good as the day they were loaded. For cartridges I load 1) powder 2) veg wad 3) projectile. Even in hot weather the BP lube doesn't seem to migrate past the wad.

I don't have any scientific proof. All I do know is what works for me. One of the great things about shooting the old designs is it seem like the experimenting is never done.
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