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Black powder 45LC question

Hey guys, I've searched several forums on this topic but didnt find an answer to my question. Im ordering a conversion cylinder for my Uberti 1858 Remmy and want to make my own 45 loads for it. I currently use my own home made black powder (40gr) , home made lubed wads, and balls that I cast myself with CCI #11 caps and this combo is absolutely wonderful.

I would like to load 45 Colt cartridges with 35gr of my powder, the lubed wads, and a non lubed 255gr lead bullet I currently cast for my 1873's. Is this satisfactory? I lube my 255's with lee liquid alox, but I would just not use any lube on them and just use the lubed wad. Does this make sense? Thank you or your help. Kevin.
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