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I am not sure, and the best forum for High Standard questions closed in November.
First, are you sure it is MODEL 20? Or, is it a 20gauge [instead of 12- you never specified].

I don't know of a High Standard Model 20 pump shotgun.

I know of a JC Higgins Model 20 12g pump shotgun, which WAS made by High Standard [from 1947-ish until around 1961, when JC Higgins 12g pumps became Winchester pumps under JC Higgins banner].

I know the JC Higgins Model 20 was a High Standard, and that it equated to the HS Model 100 [K100?>] - despite most people saying it was like the High Standard 200 [store brand charts have errors, and so does numrich].

Then, there are the Flite King K121s, and other versions, which are basically the same.

When you rack the action back and look into the ejection port, can you see an ejector that is screwed to the left side of the receiver?

Or, is it the 'exjector' design that pivots and sticks forward from the side of the bolt?

I ask as the earlier models [pre-1968?] used an ejector that screwed to the side, while the later models [by my 1971 K121] used the Exjector design.

Pics would be useful.

Does it have a serial number on it? Don't stress if it didn't. That wasn't required on long guns until the Gun Control Act of 1968 took effect in October of 1968. Even then, that applied to firearms made after October 22nd- if it was made before then, but in the warehouse, it might still have had no serial #.
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