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Originally Posted by reteach View Post
Can't remember where I learned this, but with a revolver with an exposed hammer, when you draw from your pocket, put your thumb in the space under the hammer, on the back strap. That prevents the hammer snagging on your pocket. Once clear of the pocket it's simple to let your thumb drop over into your firing grip.

This will work with any gun you draw from your pocket. With your thumb in that position, you're reducing the width of the your grip, which makes it easier to get out of your pocket. Just takes some practice.
I'm not saying this doesn't work, but before adopting this practice I would check with a shot timer if it meets your goals. I would not argue that timers are the ultimate judge of any technique, but they are one way to take an objective measurement.

An alternative is to have a holster than includes the whole inside mouth of the pocket. If the hammer spur is sliding on leather or kydex all the way past the edge of the pocket, it's not going to snag. Of course, this also means that other concealment garments have to be clear.
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