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Much of this depends on where, what and how you hunt. If one is a whitetailer, in most the settings E of the Mississippi, and perhaps elsewhere, I suspect most whitetails are killed under 100 yds, and certainly under 200. Sure there are beanfields and ROWs and food plots, but I think the vast majority of us hunt whitetails in cover were ranges are short. Look at all the success the "shotgun only" folks have on whitetails.
We're limited to shotguns, muzzle loaders, and certain handguns here in Illinois. And we have success, and take most deer at close ranges. But that may be partly because we can't take long range shots. By the time I shoot one up close, I've probably already watched 30 or 40 deer that were out of range, but could have been taken with a typical "deer rifle".

We hunt from stands in the woods, but many of them are overlooking fields where you can then see for miles. The type of woods makes a difference, too. Some areas are so thick you may as well fix bayonets, but in old growth hardwood timber, there often isn't much underbrush. Mature stands of oak and hickory form a canopy that blocks enough sunlight to keep the forest floor somewhat unobstructed, so it's pretty common to see things well over 100 yards away in those.
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