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Originally Posted by buck460XVR View Post
Yes, but I've also heard of folks that did the same at 100 or less. Stuff happens, or folks get excited, push their legitimate parameters or like FrankenMauser have equipment failure. Altho it seems on hunting forums, most of the time with poor hits, the equipment gets the blame. I believe FrankenMauser tho. Many times it comes down to one's own assessment of their skill level and their ethics. One of the worst scenarios I've seen in the last few years is the increase in cross-bow usage. Folks get a new crossbow and shoot it enough to get the scope sighted in and then hit the woods. Myself personally have always tried to get as close as possible to my quarry, thus the use of archery equipment, revolvers or handgun caliber carbines for deer. Sure I have to watch some good bucks walk outta range that would have been dead with my old ought-six, but it's gotten to the point where my priorities are with the hunt, not the kill. To each their own, as long as they do it ethically and legally.
I don't believe that the argument that people do it at 100yds also is a valid argument! People with 100 yd skills can get lucky at 400 yds and that doesn't make it alright. The problem for me is shooting at a game animal rather than a piece of paper.

The longest shot I've ever taken was 330 yds, measured. I'm embarrassed to admit it but I only did it to say I did! I sight my rifles these day's to MPBR and I live within that. My rifles are all sighted in to a 6" target, I could certainly go more but with most of them, that make's them just under 300yd shooter's. Awfully wide open country here and taking shot's at even 1000 yds, the shot would not be hard to find. I just don't figure a game animal is what people should test their shooting skill's on. Lot's of time's I've though I'd like to get into long range shooting, but only at paper or steel target's. M
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