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I elk hunt in the mountains, I found a spot where I always see elk working their way to water. I set across a little canyon on a nice little spot where I can glass, read, make coffee and smoke without the critters even knowing I'm there. The problem is, the closest shot I can get is about 350 yards, and goes to 600 +. I tale my time, have my sight settings memorizes (written down to) for every likely spot. I'm not winded, and my rifle is on a good rest. Shot lots of critters there, none took more then one round.
I've never hunted out west. My dad tells me about a Mule Deer he shot once out west where it was well within range - a couple hundred yards away. Of course then he, after he took the shot, he realized that was a couple hundred yards away by line of sight because it was across a narrow but steep valley. Says it a was a major pain to get to and pack out.
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