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As I get older I have slowed down. Use to tramp through the woods, up and down hills, but not so much any more. I find a likely spot and set and glass.

Odd thing is, I see a heck of a lot more game now.

I elk hunt in the mountains, I found a spot where I always see elk working their way to water. I set across a little canyon on a nice little spot where I can glass, read, make coffee and smoke without the critters even knowing I'm there. The problem is, the closest shot I can get is about 350 yards, and goes to 600 +. I tale my time, have my sight settings memorizes (written down to) for every likely spot. I'm not winded, and my rifle is on a good rest. Shot lots of critters there, none took more then one round.

Antelope too, some times I stretch those shots out, but I often get closer shoots. Deer? Not so far, Mulies are stupid, you can get buy with a lot of crap getting close to them.

I guess its where you live. When I was a kid in Arkansas, where I hunted you couldn't see 200 yards. Often not near that far. I did my hunting with a single shot 16 Gage and buck shot.

One must understand his rifle and ammo. For example different bullets are designed to work in certain velocities. The Berger bullets are designed to enter the target, come apart sending pieces through out the vital area destroying the central nervous system. But they have to have a certain velocity to do that. I called Berger and asked them about the limits. I was told they need at least 1800 fps to work properly.

So in determining your max range, you need to find a point where that bullet drops below the Min. and use that for your max range.

My primary hunting rifle is a Model 70 in 270 Win. Using the Hornady 150 IB, it stays past that at a bit over 600 yards. So I limit my elk hunting range to 600 yards.

Another point in mid range hunting is the critters don't know they are being hunted. The adrenaline doesn't kick in screwing with the meat.

But like any other shooting, the weakest link is the shooter.
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