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It's hard to convince people of this unless they've experienced it personally or observed it "in the wild" enough to make it real.

Generally, most who say "it's never happened to me" are being honest. They certainly aren't lying about it. They either haven't noticed it, don't remember it, or haven't trained enough under the right kind of circumstances and contexts to form a complete basis for their position. (I said generally, so don't get in a twist)

What I've observed is that those who use their thumb to release the slide tend to thumb the release anyway (if forceful insertion causes the slide to release) ... or there is a brief "huh wuh happin?" moment .. so there isn't a time savings in that case.

Those who overhand-rack the slide tend to just rack it anyway. If it's certain that the slide going forward at that time results in a chambered round ... yes, that's a slight waste of time.

I don't place much faith in "ooooh look ... bonus!" being recognized quickly enough to really result in a time savings.

I also offer the opinion that shaving nths-of-second off of reloads is low on the list of techniques with a statistically high survival value. My take is it's better to go with something consistent and reliable and focus practice/training time upon more important skills.
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