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One shot every three seconds, to get a 12" group at 21 feet, is a very forgiving minimum standard for any kind of pistol shooting. At that speed and distance, I'd say groups half that size would be questionable.
At the risk of offending someone -- if you can't get 100% hits in a 12" circle at that distance under those time constraints, you need to give some serious thought as to whether you should be carrying in public.

In our society, collateral damage can be expensive -- in terms of prison sentences and financial ruin. None of us can afford to hit an innocent bystander while shooting at a BG.

I regularly have students who come in for a private lesson who have never fired a handgun in his/her life. Without exception they can, at the end of the lesson, put every shot in a 3" circle at distances of 15-20 feet (using a 9mm Glock). I tell every one of them (before their lesson) that if they can't shoot 3" groups by the time we finish (usually ~3 hours), there will be no charge for the lesson. I've yet to give a refund.

Shooting a handgun is incredibly simple, if one is taught some fundamentals. The majority of males who take my CCW classes, without first taking a lesson, are "self-taught", or were apparently "born knowing how to shoot"(). Their targets reflect this.

Sadly, a lot of folks are happy//comfortable//satisfied just to get all their shots on a 24" x 36" piece of paper when shooting at 20 feet..
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