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Okay, someone has told me that they will not be frequenting TFL because of the cookies.
They contend that the cookies can allow people to track the members web habits. I have always been told that this was not true.
Now, even if it is, I am not worried about Rich or Zach abusing this technilogy, which is used by 90% of the websites that most of visit, I'm sure. (set your browser to alert you to cookies and you will find out just how prevelant they are).

So, what is the deal? I think I've been told by a dozen people who know a lot more about HTML than I do that cookies cannot be used to tell the sending webmasters what sites you visit. Furthermore, it would seem to me that such information could only be gathered IF you had accpeted cookies from a site in question. SO the strategy would not be to avoid cookie sending sites, but to not accept cookies from those sites that you don't want people to know you visit, if you are worried about such things.

Anybody got a definitive answer or a source that people concerned about this can be turned to, ie- a "truth about cookies" FAQ or something.


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