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I have a Stoeger m3000. I ironically live near MOA precision, which is a small shotgun aftermarket parts manufacturer and gunsmith shop in southern Oregon. They have an excellent reputation but I decided to go with Nordic for my parts (extended tube, follower, and spring) simply because they’re a larger shop with a bigger reputation and footprint. The extension kit from Nordic was Mis-threaded and essentially made the whole kit not work. Their customer service was excellent when it finally kicked in, but it took them about a week to answer. This is reasonable for what is also, I’m assuming, a fairly small shop.

I had already bought replacement parts from MOA, which all went
Together perfect and worked from the jump. I think they’re both good outfits but I felt kinda dumb not doing business with the shop 70 miles away in the first place.

I gifted the replacement parts from Nordic to my buddy, he reports they work fine.
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