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I'm not a Veteran,either. I've never been to war.

Add to your factors to consider the fog of war was very thick. As in,it was a cluster pluck. Add carrying your wounded. Add 80 pounds plus on your back and running wind sprints punctuated with burpees.
Add the only water you have is what you carried in,and this action is in serious overtime. Sudden death overtime.
Add that there are a LOT of folks who want to kill you.They are in the neighborhood they grew up in.
You aint from around here.
From any roof or door or rock or alley,from any and every direction (unknown) ,somebody else is taking that easy 25 yd shot at you!.

I don't know if you can quite put yourself in this place,but suppose you have a semi-adequate piece of cover.OK,change magazines. You are down to 5 full.

Wherever you are going,you ain't there yet.You,blowing and wheezing,have to get yourself up and moving...but it sounds like 4th of July. Bullets snapping and whizzing,splinters and bits of rock are hitting your face,and you are beyond exhausted.

Knowing you are likely going to get hit,you find the raw stones to get to your feet. With your 85 lb ruck

There is screaming,muzzle flashes, and mostly you know you have to move.

Every thing is a blur.

Now tell me the part about how you are going to see and identify your targets and place a shot. Easy-peezy.

Maybe not.
Often the only real option is through "fire superiority" .Create an environment so hostile your enemy is only concerned with sticking his ear and his belly button in the dirt . You might even hit someone.

After the little transportation snafu that left those Rangers with no transport,
They ran the Mogadishu mile through hostile territory mostly out of ammo.

They mostly growled and glared.

When they made it to base,they mostly wanted to ammo up and go back.

I,myself,as a non-Veteran who has never been there, feel grateful and humble and in awe of what these men went through and did.

Forgive me if I misspell a name, but go to the Medal of Honor website,and look up the names Gordon and Schugart They were there that day. They said Hoka Hay that day.
They went down to stand over Blackhawk pilot Duran. They fought till they ran out of ammo then they died. Duran lived.
I can't help but feel humble.

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