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i will say stag is right on the mark.... Mel 80 is the forum expert...for sure

and these things are NOT anywhere in the good glass is NOT a target scope and i dont think it was ever intended to be, but it does do what it was intended to do fairly well, in the day light and in the i said,they are have to remember it is like a cell phone camera with a long tube to look i said it works....what i really dont like about the thing is the wait when you turn it has to boot up , i guess thats what is happening...and like stag is bulky and heavy

and also like Double Naught said their service department does leave a little to be desired....not the best i have ever had to deal with

so ..... i agree with stag that it is a kind of a curiosity thing..yes it works ok..are there better, maybe but not in this price range, i dont think does do some things i really like...the video thing is pretty nice...and i use this one most of the time at night for pest works ok for that

not sure why i jumped back in on this...clarification on my part i

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