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Hi Rick..

I have the 3-14 and I like it OK...I had some problems with the first one I would just freeze....after it went back three times...they did pay shipping both ways...they finally sent me a new seems to be OK...

If I was going to do it again I think I would get the 5-20...just because it starts at 5 power...I seem to use mine in that range....when I turn mine up 3-14 it gets kinda grainy past 5-6 maybe 7..still usable but I think the 5-20 would get you more in the 10-12 power before that happens....I'm just guessing on that

Also the ir light that comes with it is not very good past 100 yrds....again it works but at like 150 it is not to bright......but I did buy a hog light xl66 I think it is....and man that thing will light it up....200 problem....I would give that light 5stars all the way..I bought the extra switch for the light that is a rheostat.... That way I can have what ever amount of light I works like a charm. Plus the hog light runs on 18650 rechargeable batteries...if you can't tell I REALLY like that light

I like works and with the hog light...them varmints and vermin can not Yep I own the night

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