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I jumped on the valk bandwagon early and built 3 of them and bought thousands of bullets for it. Federal basically botched the intro before manufacturers had really standardized on settings, and the off the shelf ammo performance was initially often lackluster. All that said, if you are willing to spend a lot of time developing cartridge loads on your own, you can in fact find some really stellar performing loads; but it's going to take time and work. hornady's 88 eldm's are among the better performing cartridges that stay within SAAMI specs if you're not going to reload, but I would say stay away from the valk for the most part if you're not going to reload for it. Personally, I find the 22 nosler is much less impressive than the valk and between the two--if you were definitely going to choose one or the other--I'd go for the valk hands down.
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