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Sighting My Garand

Hi guys. I still don’t know my Garand that well, but I am getting there. Today I took it out to zero at 100 for a CMP match coming up. I had previously sighted it at 25m and found I had to come down 10 clicks for 100. My question is if the rifle is zeroed at 100 where do I put the drum markings to correspond to that so I can later find my clicks for multiples of yards. I will likely mostly use this rifle at CMP and possibly Appleseed KD. But I think I prefer a 100 zero for the CMP as I may do that more than anything, but this will be my first match.

Also for some reason when I first got it I had to move the front sight. Now my witness marks are off by a few when it’s shooting straight
Did I move it too much maybe? Thanks.
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