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What gives?
Cheap people buying cheap parts, and then blaming the issue on the only part that they didn't screw with.
PMags are cheap. Cheap people buy them to go along with the bargain bin pile of AR parts.

When things don't work well, they cannot fathom that their cheapness, choice of garbage parts, and lack of attention to detail during assembly could possibly be the cause. Or, you know, that pen spring that was shoved under the bolt latch, because they lost the proper spring and plunger while trying to squeeze the pin in with 'roadside assistance kit' slip-jaw pliers and an adjustable hammer wrench.

Instead, blame the magazine.

All truth, sarcasm, and whatever else that was, aside...
I only use PMags in one of my ARs, the 7.5" pistol. All of the others need more COAL than the PMags allow, need feed lip modification for PMags to work (which I won't do), or they just refuse to run with PMags. (I don't recall bolt hold open being an issue, though.)

Aluminum mags work fine in all of them.
Ironically, the few Magpul 'enhanced' followers that I tried in D&H aluminum bodies actually caused nose-dive type failures to feed. The original followers were better.

I don't think the Magpul products are bad. They just didn't work out for me, aside from the one pistol. And their magazine price point leads to being paired with garbage ARs more often than not.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.

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