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Out of the two guns listed, I would prefer the Ruger over the SKS. I have had both and did not like the SKS due to the extra weight toward the forward part of the rifle. It was reliable and shot well but mine had the launcher sights/gas cutoff and the blade bayonet. I did not like its balance with the weight up front.

One of the things I recall about the accuracy of the older Rugers was the bore diameter issue. According to Ruger the first production Mini-30 had a bore size of .308-.309, after several years of production; the .310-.311 bore size was manufactured in 1990 on the Mini-30. With factory ammunition, it is ok to shoot the .310-.311 ammunition through the first production .308-.309 bores according to Ruger so I guess it depends if your looking for a new Ruger Mini or an older model and how this might affect your accuracy. I also like the Mini better due to its weight and balance.

In the end I got rid of both and built an AR in 7.62X39 and love it.
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