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The thread is old enough that I hesitate to reply, but here goes.

To the OP, I think there is a better solution to your issue. Trying to make one semi-auto do what you want is just asking too much. The hunting rifles you're considering are unsuitable for defensive uses and are not accurate enough for any precision work.

The combat rifles are rugged and reliable enough and some of them can be pretty accurate. But to get that you're going to have to deal with a 10+ lb rifle that is going to be well into 4 figures and would not the best option for hunting.

For very near $1000 you can get a very good bolt action hunting rifle that will be much more suitable for hunting AND buy a pretty decent AR-15 in 223 that would be a better option for personal defense. You need 2 rifles, and can do it for less money.

If I absolutely had to make 1 rifle work it would be a bolt guns in some variation of a scout rifle.
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