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I have a PTR91 GI Carbine with a 16" barrel. It has a barrel (chamber actually) that was designed to digest any mil surp ammo including the tar sealed types.

Not designed as some of the PTRs are for excellent accuracy so if you want tight groups from a PTR, do your homework for the right model.

But this is the model I preferred in a battle rifle. It certainly is one very robust weapon. I changed a lot of parts for original HK just playing around, including a metal lower with the full auto selector switch, paddle mag release, etc.... It is an older model. The newer GIs have the paddle already factory installed. Original, some brand new, 20 round HK mags are among the cheapest compared to M1A mags, etc.

The roller lock impulse might be different from what your used to and the controls like the selector and charging handle might take some getting used to. Awkward for some shooters.
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