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Originally Posted by rickyrick View Post
Apparently, not many here have seen an antifa riot up close. I’ll take the tacticool people any day even as silly as it is.

I hate the image of the tacticool crowd, but hey it’s their right to express themselves.

Freedom means that some people are going to do something that you don’t like.

Antifa can bring a small city’s administration to its knees with antifa tactics. Turns out, protests are a constitutional right. Antifa rallies almost always descends into riot. Some times you need some ridiculous tactics and dress to make change.
I’ll never go out in public looking like an out of work mercenary, but it’s not my place to approve or disapprove.
Yup, but both sporting 'uniforms' sends a really poor message. YES they have the right but demonstrations are all about perceptions and messaging, TO those watching. The people in the demonstration don't need to be convinced of anything. BUT, it's all about belonging and about 'tribes'...

"Tools not Trophies”
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