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Enough parts were in so I decided to put the rifle together. The magazines aI ordered, last time I checked, were just emerging from behind the dark side of the moon on the way to the next shipment waypoint. So I had to shoot single-feed.
The rifle comes in just a hair under 8 pounds (I did stick a 6.8 mag in) and I figured that's pretty good for a 20" barreled AR. I used a cheap magpul fixed stock for the first time--my first reaction "where have you been all my life love." Rest is pretty standard stuff--aero receivers and rail etc.
I just got the thing finished as the sun was going down--so I rushed out to get the leupold 3 x 9 rifleman duplex scope on paper. took two shots to find the paper--the next 5 I shot for group. At 110 yds it's OK--nothing to write home about, but still heady stuff for what is more or less a 9mm magnum in my book.

The rifle failed to extract the brass--but honestly I was expecting some kind of issues with a carbine gas system on a 20" barrel. I don't know of any other AR barrel of that length that uses a carbine gas system. They must have their reasons--but it's a mystery to me. So I expect there be a bit of time while I have to play around with the gas system to get a happy gun.

EDIT: I was using what I thought was an adjusted gas block--it was set fully closed and I didn't bother checking. senior duh moment.
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