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This is a HARD question!!!!!

I have played this game with myself a few times.

One issue I've run into is 'favorite' vs 'last handgun I'd give up'.

Last handgun concept always comes down on one of three, due to the availability of .22lr conversion top ends, and other conversion barrels/options: equaling at least 2 calibers from one handgun.

Other factors that weigh on it are price of ammo and availability.


If I was only allowed one TRUE FAVORITE- for the fun of shooting it, and caliber/stopping power/cost of maintenance/etc were not concerns- only FAVORITE to use, it would have to be:

Darn it...

I am still torn.


I REALLY can't decide.

I guess it would change based on day of week, time of day, star alignments.

Tonight, I would probably go with my Browning Buck Mark Plus Nickle.

Ask me tomorrow, and I'll tell you something different! [BHP, 1911 and Colt model Three-Five-Seven are up there!].
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