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I have a small collection of handguns. My new Glock 45 is pretty sweet for a personal defense weapon. But when it comes to just having fun, my Ruger Black Hawk Hunter with 44 Specials in it is pretty fun and my Ruger single six lets me imagine what it was like in the old west so that's pretty cool. Shoots really well although I'm not the best at fan firing yet.

I also have a Kimber Custom II Stainless 1911 .45 ACP because everybody should have a .45 right? It has an RMR and Laser grips, shoots like a tack driver in the right hands and will definitely get the job done but it's not my favorite.

My pocket guns (Sig P238 and Glock 43) are not a lot of fun because they're small and I have huge hands. They will get the job I may (god forbid) need them to do but not much fun. In retrospect, I guess that's a good thing.
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