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RAMI BD first time out

It is always fun when you get to burn off that new gun smell. Of course, we're speaking of my wife's B-day present, her new CZ 2075 RAMI BD! She was going to come out to shoot it today, but didn't feel good, so she told me to test fire the new blaster and see how it works...gee, twist my arm, honey!

Looks good on the firing line.

So, here I am with a brand new CZ pistol...but I am used to BIG pistols, like my Phantom I carry every day, or my P-09...not subcompacts. So I decide I'll be "fair" about testing, and shoot from the "braced" position, since this is a little gun. This proved to be an error, as the following targets can show.

It got worse, see the two groups? Kinda bled over to the left, didn't it...

Notice a trend? Yep, the exact opposite of my politics - down and to the Left. Well, this isn't good. Then I felt a tiny little hand smack me between the eyes, and a Czech accented voice yelling, "Idiot! I am COMBAT pistole, not TARGET pistole!"

Oops, my bad.
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