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Thanks for all of your feedback! The "stretch-to-fit" holster is made out of extremely durable spandex material. The slick surface of the spandex allows for the handgun to be easily removed but the material is durable enough to last for years. The sock is also permanently fixed inside of the pillow and can not be removed. I recommend placing your thumb over the "Hammer" of the handgun when drawing it from the pillow if applicable. This speeds up the process and deters snagging.

We hope to have this product available for sale within the next 12 months. We are still in negotiations with several manufacturers and have not pinpointed the exact retail price of The Security Pillow. Our goal is to make it as cheap as possible without sacrificing quality or longevity. It shouldn't be any more expensive than other high quality memory foam pillows.

Eventually there will be many variations of The Security Pillow to suit the individual needs of the customer. i.e. Body Pillow, Throw Pillow, Contour Pillow, Down w/ foam core, king size, queen size, etc.
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