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follow through

I shot another USPSA special classifier match on Sunday.

(I'm still firmly in the middle of C class in Production)

I had some guys watch me as I shot, and almost all of the misses or "no-shoot" hits I had on any of the stages were on the second round fired when engaging paper targets. I'd usually get an "A" zone hit with my first shot, and then if the subsequent shot wasn't wild it was a "C" and if it was wild, it went into hard cover, or (once) into a "no shoot" or (once) was a clean miss.

Actually, for the most part I shot pretty good (for me). My game is being smooth and accurate because I'm not particularly fast. I did blow one very easy stage just by trying to go too fast. (and I wasn't consciously trying to press for speed -- it just happened).

For the most part I concentrated on smooth trigger manipulation and good follow through. I have to practice more on multiple targets, to work on follow through on multiple shots, and to smooth my target-to-target transitions a little bit. Today flowed fairly well, for the most part, but there is room for improvement.

I REALLY like shooting classifiers . . . .
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