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These rifles are awesome (i have 6 lol). If you get really curious, check out and they have sub-forums for just the 10/22 in all kinds of configurations. As for ammo, I like CCI STD velocity target. Reasonable for target ammo. Mags, any actual Ruger mag is your best bet. I've got 4 of the BX-25's and have had 0 issues with them. And don't knock the overall accuracy of these rifles in stock configuration. If you can't decide on first mods, take it to the range with the open sights and shoot it. Shoot it, enjoy it, then decide on mods. I've got one from the outside, it looks completely stock. Internals are no where near stock. It has KIDD trigger setup, firing pin, and extractor. Were these necessary? Nope!! Fair warning, once you start modifying these little rifles you won't want to stop lol.
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