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Can you explain that with some basis besides just making a simple meaningless statement?
As I mentioned in post #13.

I worked LE in the revolver era and as we transitioned to semi auto's kicking and screaming. I worked for the Ft Worth, Texas PD and the US Border Patrol in El Paso, TX during the 80's and 90's. I saw lots of people shot with lots of guns. In the 1980's RG revolvers in 38 special were very popular with the folks in the inner city. These people would usually buy their ammo one bullet at a time from a pawn shop, and they bought the cheapest. The cheapest usually translated to target wadcutters.

Most people I saw shot with wadcutters were angry, a significant number refused medical treatment articulating that it was "only a 38" and refused to press charges vowing revenge instead. Those folks usually did not do so well after a night of internal bleeding and some toxemia thrown in.

In my experience ( 25 years as a street cop) 38 wadcutters suck worse than anything else for personal protection. They are designed for low recoil target shooting. If you were to say increase the velocity to about 1000 fps, then you would have something.

Call me a liar if you want, but I know what I saw, investigated and experienced.
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