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The shotguns I've owned most wouldn't consider collectable or nice except for one.
- Bridge Black Prince (H&R made) .410 single shot, my first shot gun. Its in decent shape, probably worth $80 or so and that's only because it's so old

- Rossi Circuit Judge .410/.45 very fun to shoot

- Savage 24V 20 gauge/30-30 this gun is somewhat valuable

- Stoeger Condor 12 gauge o/u

- Marlin Goose Gun 12 gauge 3 foot barrel with a full choke and bolt action, pretty neat

- Mossburg 500 Slugster 12 gauge haven't shot it yet, my first pump

- Stevens 10 gauge single shot with a 3 foot barrel and full choke. Fun to shoot, but even with 3 1/2 chambers it's no where near as much recoil as everyone says.
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