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Originally Posted by gilfo
1. Thank you for contacting me about protecting Second Amendment rights.

2. I grew up on a ranch in the Florida countryside and have been a hunter since I was a boy. I support a person's constitutional right to bear arms.

3. In 2008, the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed that the Second Amendment protects a person's right to possess a firearm, unconnected to military service, and to use that firearm for traditional lawful purposes like self-defense within the home. This is the law of the land.

4. I appreciate hearing your views on this subject. Hearing from you helps me to better serve you in the Senate.
1. Oh great, another 2A fanatic I have to respond to. (BTW, this is a staffer, not "me".)

2. I remember my roots, and I touch guns sometimes. Also, I've read the Bill of Rights at least once, enough to parrot it.

3. I can't be honest about what I want to do because the Supreme Court has said that I'm wrong.

4. Messages from people like you let me pretend to be paying attention to my constituents, but really, unless you donate to my campaign, I don't care what you think.
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