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It is an accepted risk. Unless you are independently wealthy, you must sometimes make choices in life. If you want to buy B, you may have to sell A.
I agree with this. I am still relatively young, still owe a bit on college loans, and probably don't make as much as some of you older guys on here. Alot of times I have to sell a gun to get something else I want, even if I really like that gun. I am about to sell my Sig 232 which I absolutely love for a Bodyguard 380 and putting the rest of the money towards saving up for a Shield 9mm. Between the two of those guns, the 232 will never see carry use, and as much as I love the gun I wont need it. Maybe someday I will get another, but for the time being it just doesn't make sense for me to keep a gun that wont see much use.

In this manner, I have managed to own about 100 different guns in the last 20 years...ten at a time. Similarly, I have managed to own 80+ motorcycles in my life (so far), two, or three, or four at a time.

Would I like to own all of them at once? Sure. But that would never have happened. Am I happy having owned a bunch of them for a limited time? Absolutely...because I have kept (or bought another example of) the ones that I liked the best.

And if I hadn't owned them all, how would I know which ones I liked the best?
This has also been my experience. I currently only own 6 guns, but in the process of buying, selling, and trading, I have owned over 20. I enjoyed most of them, and in the process found out what I like and don't like. Sure I wish I could have kept most of them, and probably will buy some of the ones I sold again, but it's not the end of the world.
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