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This may not be directly in line to the OP. but my "stable" has 3 kinds of guns in it: 1)The guns I will NEVER EVER get rid of due to a multitude of factors both practical and sentimental, 2)the guns I like but don't love, and 3)the guns I have that were either great deals or part of a trade and I don't really care if I keep them or not.

Thing is, I LOVE guns. I also LOVE the art of the deal. Buying/selling/trading is a TON of fun for me, lets me put more guns into my hands than otherwise would be possible, and I get to know and share stories with all kinds of people. I'll always have the guns I really want, and I get to have fun with the others.

Oh, and to the point - The only seller's remorse I've had was my 6" Model 19 sold 20 years ago for college money. Guess what though? I just found one for the SAME PRICE last month. The gun gods were smiling on me that day!
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