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Gotta be careful using Dr. Google to fix your discount code woes. I have had butt-turrible luck doing just this!! Boyd's are reasonably priced to begin with. I customized an At-One for my Mauser, and with all the added accessories like the overmolded grip panels and the picatinny rail toe piece, with shipping??? $318. That can hardly be beat. I even tried a ProMag stock first, and I liked it, I really did, but the logistics brought on by the sham-demic made getting replacement or original parts (that were supposed to be in the package but weren't) a bleedin' nightmare. So I returned that and bought the Boyd's. Only things I had to do to it were cut the bolt channel and open the barrel channel for the fat pipe I had put on it.

Just need to glass bed it, too. But that can be done in the garage. Sometimes you'll get lucky in their "Rapid Fire" section. Discounted parts that someone either ordered and returned/cancelled, or excess runs they are trying to sell off. I got some parts in that section and am beyond satisfied.

If I come across one, I will come back and post it. Also, try adding one of those browser additions, I use HONEY for online shopping. It finds discounts FOR you.
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