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I admire your tool (camera). Here in Michigan we use a broom to finish cement so we don't loose traction in the winters snow... I have never seen such a poor example of a rifle bore. Dump it. My old way (like me) is when cleaning the bore. If the patch snags I will try some JB compound for at least 50-100 times. before i even shoot it. My Savage was like that. I still wasn't satisficed so I shot some of those lapping bullets in it. Then cleaned it real good and used JB again. That 26" med. heavy tube was nise and slick to the patch. 6mm CR shoots 95gr. sst real nice. Well about .5 ave. @ 100 Yds. I need to get more testing on the 105s... One thing about that savage I hate is the Tupperware stock.
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