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Meritorious Members

I just thought of this while I was...well forget what I was doing....but anyway I dont know if the software handles this, or even if the mods want it, but it seems to me that there are some guys here who are outstanding in their knowledge of certain things....I'm thinking of course of guys like Antipitas (L&P), Zak Smith (shooting), Mas Ayoob, Denny Hanson (tactics and training), Jim Keenan, Dfarriswheel, Jim Watson, Harley Nolden (Gun models and History, gunsmithing, general gun knowledge), Pax (womens shooting) and others.....(don't be offended if I left YOU, whoever you may be) out

In other words folks who most of us should defer to as, quite frankly, they are usually I understand some of these meritorious members are staff too but is there a way to give folks who are outstanding special recognition? Little star by their name? Or a boolet?

This would have to be a staff gig of course, you guys could say...hey, this dude knows his stuff, lets give him a star. The members here could nominate if you want...

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