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Thanks guys, the university has no policy for weapons of self defense not being allowed. She has shot my 22, 9, and 40. She loves shooting the 22 and wants it to carry now. It holds 10+1. I believe that this would be enough to deter any would be BG. It's a P22, I love shooting it too. I figure if i load it up with some hot rounds like Stingers it would be pretty effective. She can handle the 9 and 40 but doesn't like the recoil from either. By the way what 9mm would you recomend for a 20yro 5'5" 135lb female. I would really prefer her carry at least that, but if 22 is all she'll carry then it's better than nothing.

Open carry not too common but I have seen it round here.

I didn't know the age was 18. always assumed CCW was 21. Thanks for that info. Are most states 21 while some are 18? Thanks for everything.
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