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All I can say is that I have found .22 Magnum to be less reliable and more inconsistent than .22 LR in every revolver I have shot. Thankfully, none of that is a safety issue, but this ammo clearly was.

You paid for ammunition that caused an issue in your gun, were told to send it back, and haven't received anything in return as compensation. I don't accept that, even tho it probably cost $15, that's still money you have parted with and should get something of value in return. You're not running a charity and if you had gone to Popeye's for their chicken sandwich and gotten fat and gristle on a moldy bun, you wouldn't accept that either.

Call them up and tell them your still waiting for that replacement box of ammo because you need it to trade to a friend who has a 4 pack of toilet paper.
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