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I was pretty pissed Skans. I had an idea so I went and asked some of the ROs if this particular person had any issues with his charging handle on his first stage, and sure enough he did. Claimed some spectator gave him one that just happened to be the same as mine...just a run of the mill spec CH...which I no longer run. Anyway, he is no longer shooting and did some prison time. I laugh about it now.

The year before, I gave Jerry Miculek a Turkey load for a spinner. One shot and his CH flew out of his shotgun and it jammed. Out came the knife in a flash. So I had seen it done and it worked fine. The other lesson was..."never shoot a round at a match you have not tested in your own gun." Two for one from the GOAT.
My blood boils just thinking about that! Nearly everyone I shoot around is as honest as the day is long. I guess it just takes one jerkweed - and you won the lottery on that day.

On the charging handle, my stainless was manufactured/sold by Miculek. Maybe the guy is a bit rough on charging handles?
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