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Originally Posted by larryf1952 View Post
Very nice! I just took delivery of a new Gen 4 G23 last week. I put a Brass Stacker single stage stainless recoil guide and spring into it, but that's all that I plan on doing to it. I'm a relatively new Glock owner; the only other Glock that I have is a Gen 3 G19 that I bought a couple of years ago.

I bought into the Glock hate for a long, long time. Then, I decided to try the G19 and I was amazed at how well I shot it. It just felt good. It was easy for me to shoot well. I could put 20 shots into a 2" hole at 30' pretty easily, whereas I have to struggle with some of the other 9's that I own to accomplish the same thing. I have long and slender hands, and it feels very comfortable to me.

The new G23 is the same way. I even like the OEM sights. The guns themselves are ridiculously simple. I'm not a Glock fanboy yet. But, I know a good gun when I shoot one.
It took me quite a while to "shine up" to a striker fired semi-auto pistol. All my mentors were strictly 1911 proponents, so that's naturally what I gravitated to during my learning stages. As the Glocks became more and more popular with local LEO's and I had the opportunity to shoot some of these service pistols, reality finally struck a chord.
I'm not one bit disappointed in my selection of my current "life insurance policy" and how this pistol handles for me, with the personalization I've melded into it.
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