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Kel-tec has been an innovator, they've been copied a lot for good reason. That's a fact.

The problem was, they'd come out with a new design/idea, release a batch of "beta" guns then it takes years for the supply chain to fill. Meanwhile, the friendly gun reviewers write rave reviews about these unobtanium guns and demand builds and for a while, there was a premium price on these budget guns (at least in my area). It seems they're doing a much better job of producing in quantity now as I'm seeing them in stock now. Before, you had to buy based on gun reviews and order and hope. Given the high demand, their QA has had a hard time keeping up too. That's where the "joke" reputation has come from. Also, for the PMR/CMR 30, 22 mag rimfire is tough to do, how many other companies even try?
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