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I Realy Like It Now

My main carry pistol is this Glock 23 in .40 S&W caliber. I shot this pistol for quite some time until I acquired a list of various aspects that I wanted to improve, or change.
First was the trigger pull, which was easy enough to get down to 3-3½ pounds.
Then, I changed the sights, both front and rear. Rear to adjustable.
During extended range sessions, that dang polymer frame got to be sorta hard on my shooting hand, so I installed the Pachmayr sleeve on the grip. World of better. The coating on the slide was wearing off fairly quickly, which I felt was due to the Fobus hard plastic holster. I sent the slide off to Robar to have the silver hard finish applied, and then ordered a Diamond D shoulder rig. I like this set-up much better, and it's very comfortable to wear:

The full house carry rounds that I carry in all three magazines is quite snappy and the muzzle flips up rather smartly, so off to Mag-na-Port to get some slots EDM'd in place, with the idea to get the muzzle flip reduced, even somewhat:

It's by no means a flat shooting pistol, but the reduction in muzzle flip is indeed there.
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