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I tried that already... I've honestly tried everything I could find...
  • Tapping the screwdriver with a hammer while turning - FAIL
  • Tapping the screwdriver with a hammer at an angle to loosen the screw - FAIL
  • Putting a few pieces of tape on the screwhead and turning while applying downward pressure - FAIL
  • Just bearing down on the screw while turning the screwdriver - FAIL

Every time using every method ended the exact same way, the screw slips out of the notch without budging it at all, leaving the screw a little worse for wear each time.

My specific model is a Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12 Gauge with FDE Cerakote finish, which I purchased in December of 2018. I don't know if Mossberg has started using harder screws or has been locktighting them or what, but every one of the "easy" methods I've seen online has proven completely ineffective.

My only guess is that the screwdriver I've been using wasn't thick enough at the blade, but that's merely speculation at this point considering that I've used the same screwdriver successfully for many firearms related tasks without issue, (swapping out grips, taking sideplates off revolvers, etc) and it seems like it would work fine for tightening the screw if need be because when turned clockwise it engages the screw just fine.

Either way, I don't care anymore. The stock safety works fine and I'm fed up with fiddling with it.
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