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As for Shoemaker being a real guide and carrying a 9mm semi-auto gun, I would like to point out a couples reasons why the choice of 9mm semi for bear defense may not be the best choice for other people. I should note that the gun type and caliber aren't wholly significant here.

1. Comparatively speaking, Shoemaker is more of an expert on bears, bear hunting, dealing with unruly bears, bear behavior than most of us. That gives him a huge edge in dealing with bears over most of us.
2. We don't know why he carries a 9mm. It may be, like so many other people's decisions for self defense, the smallest caliber, and smallest lightest gun he is willing to carry into the woods for self defense. This may be more of a decision about convenience of carry rather than self defense. As a guide, dealing with his stuff and all the stuff of his clients, carrying something like a big ole' .454 Casull or other large frame, larger power handgun just may not be in the cards for him. In short, he may be carrying what works best for him in his situation, not because it is the best choice for self defense against bears.

The 9mm semi worked for him in his situation. That is 100% great. If you are working from a different framework than Shoemaker, that setup may not work as well for you. By comparison, Jerry Miculek can make 1000 yard shots with a handgun. Me, I will would use a rifle. Just because somebody else can do it doesn't mean I can or that I can as well.
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